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30 JUNE 2021

Arise & Build Key Chain

Arise & Build Key Chain



Why do we need a second church building when we are already praying in a church?

  • Original plan for the current church to be a hall for church functions and gatherings
  • Accommodate the current and future growth of the congregation
  • A building that represents our Coptic Orthodox heritage and theology
  • Pray two liturgies at the same time to accommodate for the English and Arabic speaking members within our parish.
  • Indoor space for fellowship in general avoiding the extreme Queensland heat and rain.
  • Accommodate social activities for spiritual meetings e.g. Sunday School, Youth Meetings, Family Meetings and Elderly Meetings
  • Accommodate receptions and gatherings for church feasts, baptisms, weddings and funerals.

A Letter from Our Parish Priests’

This parish was established in August 2005 initially with a Hall, in which we pray, and a Sunday School Building with the ultimate aim of building a church building. The time has now come to build our beautiful church as our numbers and our services have steadily grown and our current facilities are not enough to cater for this growth. We do not only serve our own Coptic community but other people from different backgrounds through the following:

  • Uplift Street Service: This is a service where we weekly gather at the parish to cook hot meals and sort through new and used clothing to supply to the homeless of the Brisbane CBD, whom we personally interact with every Wednesday night around Turbot St. This service not only caters for the physical needs of those who are struggling but also their extreme sense of loneliness.
  • Nursing Home Service: This is a service where we visit our local nursing home on a fortnightly basis to provide our local elderly citizens with fellowship, as well as spiritual and intellectual stimulation. This service compliments our elderly service within the parish for our parishioners who come from various cultures including Egyptian, Sudanese, Eritrean, Ethiopian, Iraqi and Syrian backgrounds.
  • Annual Community Christmas Carols: This is a Calamvale community event that is held at our parish with the involvement of various multicultural Christian denominations within Brisbane to raise funds for our homeless service. People from Russian, Syrian, Lebanese, Eritrean, Ethiopian and Iraqi backgrounds contribute their choirs to this very worthy cause. Hosting of different congregations: This parish has helped to host and establish various congregations for refugees and recent immigrants coming from various denominational backgrounds: Ethiopian Orthodox, Eritrean Orthodox, Syrian Orthodox, Antiochian Orthodox and Jacobite Syrian Orthodox. Some of them still use our facilities for their liturgies and educational activities.
  • Scouts and sports services: These services engage children from the local community in physically, socially and intellectually constructive ways to develop them as successful and responsible citizens of the future. These services compliment our Sunday School service that aims to produce young men and women that love and serve the community at large.
  • Taste of Egypt Fete: A fete that unites our church community to the wider local community and gives them a taste of the Egyptian and Coptic Orthodox culture.
  • Recycling for the community: This is a service where we partner with our local child care centre to recycle plastic bottles and soft drink cans to reduce waste in our local environment.
  • Taste the Lord Service: For those who are interested in the Christian faith and want to join our church family, we have a special service to welcome them and nurture them in faith and love.

Not only this, but we are also trying to cater for the English and Arabic speaking members of our congregation and those who are interested in joining our church with language specific services such as liturgies, various spiritual meetings and social activities.

As I am sure you can appreciate, we need space to continue to grow not only in our numbers but the various services we are providing. If you could be so kind to help us raise funds for this valuable project, we would be much indebted to your love and kindness. 

Most importantly however please remember us in your prayers and mention us at the altar. Thank you.

Love in Christ,
Fr Mattaous Wahba & Fr David Mahrous

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